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Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Transformation

The Hyper-converged infrastructure that makes your life simpler

It is power-packed with data processing and cloud computing storage capabilities. Agile and elastic for DEV and TEST work environment. A timely synchronization helps in data consistency.

A highly scalable HCI platform allows you to invest in what’s needed for your enterprise at that time with the option to expand or minimize at any point – giving you complete control.

We understand that digital transformation can be expensive and challenging. HCI integrates with most of the hardware solutions available; making your journey simpler and secure.

Save at least 70% on the Total Cost of Ownership. Eliminate IT silos, over-provisioning and simplify data center operations. Save 90% in power, cooling and space requirements.

Manage your infrastructure through a unified dashboard where limited manual operation is needed. Get the AI-driven insights with a virtualized data center that displays real-time flow.

Migrate from existing infrastructure such as VMware, Nutanix, or physical servers to Sangfor HCI with migration tool (Free for limited time), enjoy the infrastructure with worry-free migration experience.

Business Use Cases with Sangfor HCI

Data Center Consolidation

Getting rid of legacy architecture and complex costly data centers with Sangfor's software-defined HCI technology.

Cloud Transformation

Deploy the HCI cloud platform engineering for superior and leading virtualization for your enterprise - providing scalability and agility.

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Business continuity is prioritized with effortless and secure data recovery and disaster recovery options such as snapshot, CDP, and stretched cluster.

Enterprise Applications

Run your company's applications through Sangfor's HCI for elite performance and reliable capabilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Native HA
  • Integrated backup & CDP
  • Multi-copy data redundancy
  • Disaster Recovery Management
  • Optimized reliability architecture for critical apps

1 million IOPS with just 3 nodes 

  • Data Striping 
  • SSD caching & tiering 
  • SR-IOV 
  • AI-based DB Optimization & Intelligent Scheduling 
  • Built-in cloud security center 
  • Asset vulnerability identification 
  • Correlate with other security products 
  • Various monitoring tools 

Sangfor HCI provides one cloud platform to manage every need:

  • Fully converged infrastructure
  • Unified management
  • Resource visualization for ease of operation and transparency
  • AI technology provides automation & orchestration with the Sangfor Cloud Platform

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