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Next Generation Firewalls

Provides outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems.


The Next Generation Application Firewall (NGAF) platforms unlike traditional firewall solutions NGAF is designed and developed to provide full protection for your Network against ever expanding threat landscape including LAN user, DMZ, Server Zone and Data Center giving context through threat intelligence platforms.

Hassle-Free Protection with Next Generation Firewall Solutions

  • Save tons of bandwidth with NGAF’s Web/URL filtering advanced features.
  • Manage the employee’s online behavior by controlling your users & applications.
  • Load balances your traffic for the high efficiency of your business productivity.
  • Protect your network against DoS/DDoS attacks.
  • Kill the propagation of botnets in your network with APT prevention capabilities.
  • 0-Day attacks prevention & protection with cutting edge threat intelligence.
  • Easily block phishing emails, malware, and virus.
  • Scan all incoming & outgoing emails for threats.
  • Present vulnerabilities & risks with the integrated & comprehensive visual reporting tools.
  • Secure VPN tunnel. All these features are designed to simplify the operation & maintenance of your network security while providing you with full security protection to let you focus on your core business.

Easy Deployment, Operation & Maintenance of Network Security

  • Simple installation process with configuration & policy layout.
  • Easy to use & maintain to reduce operational complexity for your IT team.
  • Before the system goes online, check your security level in real-time, make sure the system has no vulnerabilities, no malware, no viruses, etc.
  • Comprehensive & Intelligent reporting tools let you better understand & manage your network. Highly Recognized, Better Value, Lower TCO
  • NSS Labs’ highest recommend rating for WAF.
  • Listed in the Gartner MQ for Enterprise Firewalls.
  • Certified by ICSA Labs for its NGFW.
  • Defend you against the TOP 10 OWASP attacks such as SQL injection & XSS cross-site scripting.
  • Protect your web servers such as ERP system.
  • Custom WAF Rules.

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