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aDesk Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Seamless Experience, Secure, and Efficient! 

Sangfor aDesk VDI

Sangfor aDesk is a one-stop Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution that helps your business evolve effortlessly to a digital workspace environment, suitable for secure office, work-from-anywhere scenarios, and more.

The extremely simple architecture makes it easy for IT engineers of any caliber to manage, significantly increasing IT operations and maintenance efficiency. Self-Developed transmission protocols and GPU technology collaborated with Nvidia to guarantee a seamless desktop experience, boosting user productivity. End-to-end security mechanisms effectively protect your data from external attacks like ransomware, data leakage by internal users, and data loss caused by disk errors while satisfying business security and compliance needs.

Features & Benefits

Daily Office/Secure Office

  • Rapid deployment and efficient desktop operations
  • Endpoint data protection
  • Reduce the costs of IT human resources, hardware replacements, and electricity
  • Deployment of on-demand and linear expansion

Work from Anywhere

  • Access virtual desktops from a PC, tablet, or mobile phone
  • Smooth WAN user experience (Latency<200ms, Packet loss rate<5%, Bandwidth≥100Kb)
  • Multi-factor authentication for added security
  • Data leakage protection (DLP)

Call Center/Service Hall

  • Perfect compatibility with peripheral devices
  • Client information protection
  • Multiple users can work from one seat with their own VMs
  • Low hardware failure rate

Student Computer Lab

  • Unified computer lab environment
  • Reduce operations and maintenance workload for PCs
  • Learn from home with specified resources
  • Save professional software license and GPU costs

Production Line

  • Reduce business downtime and improve production efficiency
  • Production environment management and remote desktop support
  • Data protection (Data leakage, Ransomware, Disk error)
  • Longer hardware lifecycle

2D/3D Design

  • vGPU solution collaborated with Nvidia
  • Design software license and GPU costs savings
  • Design achievement protection


  • Supports doctor access system from anywhere and devices
  • Doctor & Nurse multi-user share seats with their own VM
  • Anti-ransomware & Patients’ information DLP
  • High efficient IT maintenance

Business Use Cases with Sangfor HCI

Data Center Consolidation

Getting rid of legacy architecture and complex costly data centers with Sangfor's software-defined HCI technology.

Cloud Transformation

Deploy the HCI cloud platform engineering for superior and leading virtualization for your enterprise - providing scalability and agility.

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Business continuity is prioritized with effortless and secure data recovery and disaster recovery options such as snapshot, CDP, and stretched cluster.

Enterprise Applications

Run your company's applications through Sangfor's HCI for elite performance and reliable capabilities.

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