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Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response. All-in-One Platform to collect data regarding threats and alerts, allows analysts to respond to threats in less time and applies automation in repetitive tasks.


Orchestration automates complex processes involving multiple tools and technologies, freeing up human resources, ensuring consistency and compliance, and enabling organizations to optimize their operations, achieve agility and resilience, and mitigate risks.


SOAR automates tasks and workflows in cybersecurity operations using machine learning, reducing the need for manual effort. It offers customizable automation options that allow analysts to decide which tasks require human intervention. By improving efficiency and consistency, SOAR helps organizations respond to cyber threats more effectively.


Response is a cybersecurity tool that automates incident response by collecting and refining data on security incidents. It helps organizations improve their threat-hunting capabilities, stay ahead of evolving threats, and protect against cyber attacks.

These three elements compile the core of SOAR as a complex, vast technology that is still maturing in the world of cyber security.
SOAR can swiftly integrate with a variety of security tools, and because of its extraordinarily adaptive nature, SOAR allows security professionals to maintain their original workflow processes and enjoy the benefits of SOAR simultaneously.

Challenges Solved by SOAR?

  • Too many alerts to handle
  • Lack of incident management capabilities
  • Undocumented or inconsistent processes
  • Inability to record and generate metrics
  • Lack of qualified security professionals
  • Repetitive, manual processes consuming too much of the analysts’ time
  • Complying with regulations, standards, and best practices

Highly Customizable Dashboards, Reports and KPIs

Dashboards and KPIs

SOAR offers highly customizable dashboards which provide an overview of your SecOps. Via the Dashboard, you can easily customize it to include all necessary data relevant to your workflow processes, job functions, timeframes, and characteristics.

SOAR allows you to track the most relevant KPIs for your security operations strategy. Additionally, you can record how each individual phase of your incident response workflow performed in order to help you find out which areas can be optimized.

SOAR’s real-time data allows you to thoroughly assess the current state of your SecOps and pinpoint which aspects of your security strategy can be enhanced.

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